Welcome to Women Run Montco!

Women Run Montco is a non-profit running club that invites women of any race, sexual orientation, and religion to “run as you are”. 


Women Run Montco was born out of the need for an official, organized running club exclusively for women in the suburban Philadelphia area. We are based out of Montgomery County as it is the home county of our founding members and the majority of our running connections and routes, but we are open to anyone who wishes to join us in the Greater Philadelphia area. 


Beyond our common interest in running, the founders and members of Women Run Montco recognize the desire of the women in our area to have a greater impact and sense of belonging in the community. For this reason, we focus our philanthropic efforts toward causes that center women’s needs, seek to positively impact the lives of women and children, and promote inclusion. Women Run Montco recognizes that runners are a passionate group of people, and wants to help direct some of that enthusiasm toward elevating and energizing the communities we live in by creating connection and empowering those within and around us.


Our mission is to build a community that empowers, elevates, and energizes women through running and fitness in Montgomery County. 


Will you join us? Visit our membership page to sign up now!